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Day 31 of My Marathon

Here we are at Day 31 and the last day of My Marathon, woohoo!

FINISHED - Complete, conclude, close, end, finalise, fulfil, accomplished, achieved, done and dusted.

I think I would choose Accomplished and achieved.

I really enjoy taking on a challenge, I find it very motivating. We explored some new areas which we had not been to before. I might add in rain, hail or shine! I certainly made sure I went for a walk every day.

I logged 130 km, I did a little extra today so that I had an even 130 km total. lol 

Thank you to Jenni Alexander from the Frankston Walking Group for making me feel so welcome on her team and for her terrific organisation of Miles with Smiles! :-)

A huge thank you as always to my amazing husband Gerry for his unwavering support and also my three equally amazing kids, Taylor, Lachie and Allana for their faith and encouragement! 

I want to thank everyone for kindly donating to The Heart Foundation My Marathon, it was very kind and it was truly appreciated with all money going towards research for heart disease! 

Day 30 of My Marathon

Here we are already on the second last day of October and the second last day of The Herat Foundation My Marathon!
You may wonder why I am doing the My Marathon since I have not had at this time any heart problems? 
My brother, sister and nephew have all had Open Heart Surgery, my niece has had a heart operation and my mother had heart problems later in life. 
I took my sister to rehab and attended every session with her, participating in the physical training and listening to all the information sessions during covid after her surgery. 
Yes, exercising with a mask was not always easy as well as driving her home and getting myself home while we had curfews! 
We then started going to the Heart Foundation Walking Group at the George Pentland Gardens on the first Monday of the month.
When we were there for the August or September (what a memory!) walk Jenni Alexander said that she is participating in the My Heart Marathon and that she will have a team. 
Of course I would be happy to join "Miles with Smiles”  and help raise awareness and money for The Hero Foundation. 
And the rest, as they say, is history!
A photo from our walk today, The blue skies have now gone and the rain is here now.
Hope you all had a great day!

Day 29 of My Marathon

The end of another busy week and only two more days to go of The Heart Foundation My Marathon.
I clocked another 4.1km walk today.
I have passed my 120 km goal, so will add a few km’s to make it up to 126 km which is a triple marathon! Thank goodness it’s not al in one go!
An afternoon on duty at the Mornington Peninsula Family History Society, then to Brunswick to have dinner with our son Taylor and then to the airport to pick up our daughter Allana who had spent the last 4 days in Sydney. Home after midnight, needed a cup of tea so a very late post.
Here is a random bust which looks a little out of place in Brunswick.
 It reads:
King of Ancient Sparta died at the battle of Thermopylae 480BC

I hope you all had a lovely weekend!

28 of My Marathon

A lovely short walk this evening, it was really very pleasant.
I was on a mission with sewing a skirt today so I didn’t do anywhere near as many steps as I usually do.
The grass on the side of the track is starting to get quite long with summer fast approaching is a little worrying.
I am only 500 meters short of my 120 km goal!
I hope you all had a lovely day! 

Day 27 of My Marathon

It was such a treat to have such a lovely sunny day, it seems like it’s been so long but please stay!
It was so good to get out and have a bit of a longer walk today, 
We walked to the Heatherhill Road roundabout which is called Shaxton Circle, it has a very small lake and wetlands which s an important bird habitat. There are picnic tables and chairs for you too. 
We did walk back too! 
Have a lovely evening!

Day 26 of My Marathon

A day late as I anticipated but you know what they say? Better late than never!
I had another very busy day and again just did a short walk while I was out and about and my goodness it was windy!
I hope you all had a lovely day!

Day 25 of My Marathon

Oh dear me, late again two days in a row!
I have a good excuse though........I was totally in awe of meeting and listening to the inspirational Joost Bakker talking at Woodleigh School last night! Wow, if you don’t know him please look him up on FB or Instagram ( a bit more active on Insta).
So just a short walk again in between everything else.
It will be the same today a short walk and either a late blog or a day late, bookclub tonight.
I am so happy to report that I have reached my $1,000 goal, yay! Hopefully we can get our team "Miles with Smiles” across the line with their $3,000 goal, I think we have $290 to go! Go Team!!
Thanks to everyone who has donated and supported me so far, it is really appreciated! 
Hope you all had a great day!

Day 24 of My Marathon

Ooops, I am a day late with my blog. 
Gosh, what a windy day it was I almost got blown away.
I did a short walk while I was at the shops, nothing terribly exciting to report. 
I hope you all had an enjoyable day!

Day 23 of My Marathon

What a funny day with wet and cold morning and then such a lovely sunny and warm afternoon! I guess we do live in Melbourne.
Another 6.9 km today which takes me over the 100km mark for the month and still 8 more days of walking to go.
Thanks to everyone who has donated so far, it’s such a great cause with all money going towards research at the Heart Foundation.
I hope you all enjoyed your day!

Day 22 of My Marathon

“Oh I love to go a wandering, along the railway track! And as I go I love to sing, a knapsack on my back......”  
Ah yes we had a little sing a long today, thankfully there was no one around to hear us! lol Gerry and I walked 7.2 km this afternoon in cold, at times wet and windy conditions. We started at the Moorooduc Coolstores, crossed Moorooduc Hwy and along the path to Wooralla Drive. Crossed Wooralla Drive and walked along the path next to the railway line all the way to Oakbank Drive in Mornington. It was a little rough underfoot at times, a bit muddy and we also had to do a little bush bashing. It took us 1 hour and 45 minutes, and yes, i have very sore feet now! I have now walked 98.2 km and have increased my goal to 120 km. 
I hope you all had a lovely day and managed to stay warm and dry!

Day 21 of My Marathon

A little milder weather today and perfect for a walk with Gerry and Allana who is here for the weekend!
A 6km walk was added to my activity goal which I had best see if I can extend my goal. 
We still all slipped, slopped and slapped even though it was a bit overcast.
I hope you all had a wonderful Saturday! 

Day 20 of my Marathon

Well, I have finally reached my 84 km target, 11 days early, Woohoo!
I finally purchased a new pair of runners and wow, they sure did make a difference on my walk. I was way overdue for a new pair.
We were planning on a big walk today but I decided to make my own pasta which took such a long time to roll, cut, twirl etc. so just a short one today. A longer one tomorrow is on the cards.
We did see a native “Siberian Hamster” on our walk tonight, not sure if his/her name was Basil? 
I hope you all had a lovely day!

Day 19 of My Marathon

A beautiful, sunny, warm day here in Melbourne, it sure is lovely to have a bit of warmth in the sun. How long before we are complaining it is too hot? Hmmmm......
Just a short walk this evening, we were a bit late setting off before the sun went down. Not sure how many bugs I swallowed on the way. lol
I hope you all had a wonderful day! 

Day 18 of My Marathon

We sure were blessed with a beautiful sunny 23 degree day after a very cold start of just 6 degrees.
I am usually very fatigued on Wednesday as we start with a 7am PT session @ Synergy Strength in Somerville. Happy to report I did another  PB with my RDL’s (Romanian Dead Lifts).
Just a 4km walk today, it’s always a highlight when the Cribb Point train passes us with a toot and a wave! 
I hope you all had a lovely day and enjoyed the sunshine!

Day 17 off My Heart Marathon

Another lovely evening for a walk along the Eramosa Trail with Gerry. A little warmer than last night thankfully, we are however still having to bring in the wood and light the fire every night. We do love our fire, I am ready for a cup of tea and to put mu feet up.
I have added 6.1 km to My Kilometers so I am now at 75.1 km for the month so far.
Such a beautiful photo from the walk tonight! 
Did you know that the heart beats doubt 100,000 times per day? That is an awful lot of work!
I hope you all had a lovely day!

Day 16 of My Marathon

I had a lovely 6km walk with Gerry tonight starting at Moorooduc Coolstores along the Eramosa trail. I think we picked the only time all day that wasn’t raining! 
A big thank you again to everyone who has donated so far! I have raised a little over $900 so have now increased my fundraising goal to $1,000 and have clocked up 69km.
A photo from our walk, some one was burning off so it was a bit smokey.
I hope you all had a lovely day and managed to stay warm and dry. 

Day 15 of My Marathon

We are about half way through the challenge and I am ahead of schedule as far as Km’s go. 
Just as well as I only managed a late and short walk today after another busy day.
It was a lovely surprise to have been given a voucher to the Heart Foundation shop for raising the most money on our team! A big thank you to Lyn who kindly donated the voucher. 
Thank you to everyone who has donated money so far, it is much appreciated and all the money goes to such a wonderful cause. 
It is not too late to donate! 
I hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

Day 14 of My Marathon

I had a lovely morning exploring a new area and meeting some fellow walkers. 
We went to a cafe called Nest at Waterways for a warm drink and then off to walk around the lake and surrounds. We were lucky and dodged the rain although it was quite windy. It was a nice easy walk on level ground with paths. 
Thanks to Jenni for organising the walk and it was lovely to meet Leon, Trish, Paul, Janice and Grant!
Another walk this evening with Gerry. 
I hope you all had a lovely Saturday!

Day 13 of My Marathon

A walk through through the Langwarrin Flora and Fauna Reserve this evening. One of the very few times we have walked there and not seen any one at all. 
I hope you all had a lovely day!

Day 12 of My Marathon

Another wet and cold Melbourne day!
I did my walk in Mornington, I just walked up and down Main Street so at least I had some overhead cover under the shop awnings. 
I hope you all had a good day!

Day 11 of My Marathon

I’m a day late.......
I had a good walk yesterday along the Baxter Trail and then to Shaxton Circle near Heather Hill Road and back. It was a lovely warm day after a cold and foggy start. 
I hope you all had a wonderful day!

Day 10 of My Marathon

Day 10 already, I’m not sure where the month has gone. 
Just a solo walk around Frankston South today, good to clock up another 4.2km.
I must say that I only add my actual walk km and not the rest of the km I have done in a day. 
I am ready to put my feet up now.
Hope you all had a good day!

Day 9 of My Marathon

A 4.2km walk today around Somerville, it was a bit fresh but at least it wasn’t raining. I’m not too far off my half way mark I think.
It’s good to get out and walk in a different area.
I hope you all had a great day!

Day 8 of My Marathon

Todays walk was far from the Baxter Trail! Over 3km walking down Sydney Road in Brunswick with my lovely family. A lovely evening for it!
Pretty happy with the km’s walked this week despite the weather and the busy week I have had. 
The Heart Foundation is such a great cause and the money raised goes towards lifesaving heart disease research, so happy to be partaking in such a worthwhile and important cause! 
Thanks to everyone who has donated, it’s much appreciated!
Bring on Week 2! 

Day 7 of My Marathon

A late walk after a busy day, thank goodness for daylight savings! 

Day 6 of My Marathon

Another cool day but I was lucky that when I was doing my walk the sun came out and I was quite warm. Another stroll on the Baxter Trail which is close to home. There is a little track that takes us from our court onto the Baxter Trail, it’s very handy! We are always keep a watchful eye out for snakes at this time of the year of course. 

Day 5 of My Marathon

I didn’t get around to posting yesterday, so a day late with this one. 
The weather is not very enticing to get outside this week. I still managed to do a walk during another busy day. Every km counts! 
A big thank you to everyone who has donated so far, it is much appreciated! 

Day 4 of My Marathon

Another cold, wet and wintery day here in Melbourne. Today I rugged myself up, put my headphones on and did another walk around the Foot Street, Frankston High area. I was still a little tired from our early PT gym session this morning, thanks Jakob @ Synergy Strength for encouraging Gerry and I through our session this morning! And a PB on RDL’s this morning too!
I didn’t take and photos as there was a lot of drizzle but here is a photo I took Monday morning at George Pentland Gardens when the sun was shining. I hope you are all having a wonderful day!
Here is some information about where the fundraising money goes to. 

Have you ever wondered why fundraising in MyMarathon is so important?

Thanks to the support of people like you, the Heart Foundation has  contributed to lifesaving breakthroughs in research including:

  • The invention of the pacemaker which sends electrical impulses to the heart to help it maintain a steady rhythm. 
  • Improved treatments for high blood pressure, heart failure, kidney damage and blood vessel disease to reduce and manage the risk of heart disease.

We’re also currently funding a research project that aims to develop the next generation of easily implanted, lightweight and durable pacemakers. You can learn more about this fascinating project here. 

And in the last 60 years, advancements like these have helped reduce deaths from coronary heart disease by 82%.

But we still have work to do, because around 50 Australians lose their lives to coronary heart disease every single day. 💔

It's more important than ever that we continue our vital work. 

Day 3 of My Marathon

It’s been a wet one here in Melbourne today but that didn’t stop me from putting on my pink Merry People boots and doing a  little walk. Not as much as previous days but it will all add to the total km’s.
I have increased my target to $600, thanks to everyone who has donated so far!

Day 2 of My Marathon

On the first Monday of every month the Heart Foundation Frankston walking group meet at the George Pentland Gardens at 9.30am. The walk goes at various paces depending on what you are able to do and goes for 30 minutes - 45 minutes. This morning started off a little fresh but we quickly warmed up with the lovely sunshine streaming through. 
Here is a photo of some of the ladies taking part in the challenge. 
I have increased my target money to $500, thank you to everyone who has donated so far! :-)

Day 1 of My Marathon

A lovely sunny morning for my first walk and first km clocked on the Baxter Trail.

Support my challenge for Australian hearts

This October, I’ll be doing my personal best to raise funds to support The Heart Foundation.  

I’m going to conquer 84 km to raise funds for heart disease research that will help save lives.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, and I want to do something to support the thousands of Aussies whose lives are impacted by this disease every single day.

Join me and help save Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page.

Together, we can win the race against heart disease.

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