Meet our Champions  

Hannah is walking, will you? 

For the second year straight, Hannah is completing MyMarathon with her daughters. She feels lucky to have the opportunity. 

In 2020, Hannah had a few episodes of not feeling well. The doctors discovered that Hannah had a hole in her heart, and she needed surgery.   

“If I didn’t listen to my body and have a heart health check, I could have gone into heart failure,” she says. 

“MyMarathon was a great way to get back into fitness after everything I went through.”   

Hannah Barton

Laura will conquer her second Marathon 

Laura participated in MyMarathon in memory of her dad Giulio, who passed away March 2021 at the age of 62. He had an undiagnosed heart condition that sadly caused his heart to stop. She only saw him the day before and there were no signs.  

“I felt helpless and was asking why me and my family. I hope no one else experiences what my family went through. That is why I signed up to MyMarathon.” she says. 

“I saw a Facebook post about MyMarathon and remembered a friend participating in 2020. I thought - why not? While participating, I kept thinking dad would not believe what I have achieved in his memory.” 

Laura Versace-Shields

Lauren and her family will take on a Marathon in October 

Lauren’s husband was recently diagnosed with a genetic heart condition which caused him to undergo multiple heart surgeries in 2020-2021. 

“I participated in MyMarathon for my husband, to raise awareness and funds with the hope our children don't need to experience what their dad is going through.” she says 

“You wouldn’t look at my husband and think he has a heart condition. Through sharing our story, we want to raise awareness that heart disease doesn’t only affect the old and unhealthy. It can happen to anyone.” 

“Without research my husband most likely would not be alive today. The funds raised and the research it supports will benefit many including my children”.  

Lauren Lomax

Keely is raising awareness and giving back this October

Keely was diagnosed with Hypervagotonia when she was 30 years young.

“The day before my 30th birthday my pacemaker was implanted. I spent my 30th recovering in a Cardiology ward” she says. 

“When I reflected on my life experiences I wanted to use my voice to raise awareness and participate in something that gives back. MyMarathon is the perfect opportunity to do that”. 

Keely Wells

Monique walks in memory of her Dad 

Monique participated in memory of her Dad, Andrew, who she lost unexpectedly in July 2021.  

“My dad (52) would run and cycle regularly, yet with no warning signs, he passed away from a heart attack.” she says 

“Soon after his passing, I saw MyMarathon being promoted. I thought it was a great opportunity to drive awareness and a good way to cope with my grief. I wanted other people to know they were not alone.”  

“My dad would not believe what I was doing, I know he would have been laughing at the thought of me completing a marathon!” 

Monique Googh