You can help fund lifesaving
heart disease research

A marathon effort to look after Australian hearts 

We all know or love someone who has been impacted by heart disease. 

Around 50 lives are lost each day in Australia due to coronary heart disease, more than any
other cause, and it has profound impact on the families left behind.

Now there’s something everybody can do to help. 

The Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon is your opportunity to help raise funds for lifesaving
heart disease research, while challenging yourself to walk or run 42.2 km 
over hours, days or weeks during October.

Join a marathon effort to help win the race against heart disease.

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Where does the money go?  

By walking or running a marathon during October, you are not only looking after your own heart health

The biggest prize is the impact you’re having by raising money to help the Heart Foundation fund lifesaving heart disease research. 

Here are a few ways your participation in MyMarathon will be helping Australian hearts: 


could pay for nutrient
solution needed
by researchers
to help grow heart cells.


could pay for a DNA
test to help pinpoint
genetic factors
for heart disease.


could cover the cost of
an antibody to detect viral
or bacterial infection
in the heart.

Once you become part of the Heart Foundation, you realise there’s some really amazing researchers, scientists and doctors doing incredible things that urgently need funding. 

– Sarah Martin, 
MyMarathon Ambassador