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A poem about MyMarathon Challenge, which comes to an end today.

All through October 
You may have heard
That rather than run 
A walk was preferred.

A fall during soccer
Smashed up my arm
And any fast moves
Would do it more harm.

A marathon walk
Or so my mum said
Seemed a far better idea
Than laying in bed.

Forty-two kilometres
With my arm in a cast
Would you like to try it?
Let’s see how you last!

I smashed my arm – yes,
But I smashed my goal too
And that’s only the kms
Mum and I walked as two.

I thank all the people
Who gave me donations
It will help with more research
About heart complications. 

(But, it's not too late to donate!

I'm doing MyMarathon!

Hi everyone,

I've broken my arm and can't run or play any kind of sport until the end of November :-(

So mum and I have signed up to MyMarathon, to give ourselves a challenge to do a bit more walking than we normally would. I know Mo is going to enjoy it!

Please donate to my challenge to help me stay motivated and of course to fund more medical research that will save lives from heart disease.


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Great Poem

Well done, Zak & Lyn!


Lorna Davies

Great project


Kathryn Davies

Keep walking Zak (and give that elbow a good chance to heal!)


Johnson Family

Your poetry is worth a donation Zak! Well done on your marathon walk!


Jules, Rich And Nyah

Well done Zak, you are an inspiration!


Rachel Orr

Go Zak! You got this.



That's an awesome goal - respect to you (and Mum)


Laura Moorfield

Awesome work Zak! 👏


Miranda Davies


Zakary Pearce


Lynda Sturt

Sorry to hear about your arm Zac, I am sure you will all enjoy walking to raise money for such a worthy cause.


Adele Quinn

Well done Zak and Lyn

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