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time to debunk some of the food and heart myths - you're welcome

Knowledge is POWER. But do you know how to distinguish fact or myth?
We are here to bust nine (9) food & heart health myths that you commonly see online! 💥

The internet is a confusing place to distinguish facts vs myths 🔍

The Heart Foundation's top tips to ask yourself when you're consuming information are 👇

✅ Is the information coming from a reliable source?
✅ Is the information research based?

Which one of these surprised you the most?

To read more on these nine food & heart health myths 👉 visit the link below

I'm starting to move again, despite the cold

Buoyed by your generosity and encouragement.

Thank you Carolyn Hough and Shauna Jarrett for your generous support.

This week I have moved less than I would like, but I am baby sitting a little person with whom I am learning yoyo, chess, poku and gaming - I know! - and that cannot be done on a walk, but on the lounge sitting next to each other.

Who knew just how competitive I would be. Well that's a funny thing to say, anyone who has worked on a campaign with me knows I never give up until victorious!

Hopefully this weekend the sun will shine and the walking will increase. I am off to Bathurst this week, so that will be sitting in the comfort of the XPT and no walking, so will be itching to get out and walk around Little Bay on Sunday.

I know you love my photos and many of my donors say that story telling is what has engaged them with this walk to support heart disease research and services.

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart, I won't let you down.

Father’s Day

My day today was a lovely long walk admiring small moments of beauty - the spring had sprung moments I know so well across the city and through our much loved Botanic Gardens.  

I timed it to detour through 9am Mass then back out for a few more meandering moments.

I love Sydney on Sundays, where I walk nearly every week.  The city is quiet and deserted at 730 and it feels like a big country town. 

Except for the huge packs of runners up and down Macquarie St who run round Mrs Macquarie’s chair, along the harbour, before circling the Opera House and pounding around the quay. Apart from that.

My dad worked in Martin Place and my mother in Macquarie St in their early careers. Not meeting until they both were working in Bathurst in the most unexpected but fated of timings.

These two areas were /are a great part of my professional life with the law and politics.

I like thinking of my parents and their lives as I walk past where they worked. Where they went to church, to recitals. Where my mother delivered prescriptions and more to Government House.

I also think with such fond sadness of the fun I had with my beloved Frank in the State Library and the big events in his life there, and the fun we had. He and I also loved Trim the cat. Amongst other things of course.

More of this in another post.

For the many great dads I know and I hope today or this week has been a moment of joy or more.

For the rest of us may the memories nourish and sustain us. 

This is how your generous donations are making a difference

Thank you for supporting me support the Heart Foundation.

I welcome my friend June Young with her generous donation.

Thank you for kick starting my campaign!

Thank you Alida Stanley, Margot Bain and family, and David Donaldson for your very generous donations, and importantly your continuing encouragement.

AND the good news for me is that makes me one of the first 900 people to raise $100 so I get a fresh new Tshirt for this year's #MyMarathonAU.

So, will look the business.

one of the first 900 people to raise $100 

59 new and groundbreaking Australian research projects that will leverage Australia’s scientific expertise to help to save more lives from cardiovascular disease.

Just look at this amazing range of research projects that were funded in the past year and think of the lives it will change and save:

This is one of the way the funds you and I donate for #MyMarathonAU save and change lives.

Support my challenge for Australian hearts

This October, I’ll be doing my personal best to raise funds to support The Heart Foundation.  

I’m going to conquer at least 126 km (3 marathons) to raise funds for heart disease research that will help save lives.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, and I want to do something to support the thousands of Aussies whose lives are impacted by this disease every single day.

So many people gave so generously last year and many of you shared with me your personal experiences of heart disease. 

Thank you for your trust, your motivation and your great generosity.

As you will see in this photo from last year's walks, not even the pandemic or the freeeeezing cold prevented me from heading out!! It's a look don't you think!!

Through your amazing generosity and my  420kms, 10 marathons effort  - who is that person that did that we ask - I ended up being the top 2 individual fundraiser in Australia. Bowling cricket legend Boof Lehmann out of his prized second spot. Can we do that again??

I invite you to join me and help save Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page.

Together, we can win the race against heart disease.

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Well done Virginia!


Amanda Mark

Well done Virginia, massive effort


Viktoriya Butler


David Donaldson

Virginia, you're a tryer, no doubt of it


Jill Mckeough

Good work Virginia!


Belinda C

Go VG!


Amanda Di Medici

Bravo Virgina - thank you for your efforts. The heart foundation is a very worthy cause. I'll have a Ruinart for you at the finish line! :)




Shauna Jarrett


Carolyn Hough

Congratulations Virginia on another year of committed fundraising. Well done!


Chantal O'reilly

Good luck in your efforts, Virginia!


Alida Stanley

Love your work Virginia!


Evonne Atallah

Great you are contributing again V ! you go girl xxxxx





A great cause. En avant ❤️


Yvonne Coburn

Well done Virginia huge effort xx Yvonne


I'm On Team Vag!

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