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James’ story continued

So close to my next goal - thanks to everyone that’s sponsored, it really does mean a lot to have so much support 
James has been diagnosed with a genetic disorder of the LMNA gene which basically means he has heart failure and lots of arrhythmia issues too. The gene puts him at a high risk of sudden cardiac death so his cardiologist decided the safest thing was to change his pacemaker to one that has a defib device fitted also. James went through this surgery only 7 weeks ago and is recovering well. The past 18 months have definitely felt like one step forward and 2 steps backwards but finally with medications and the pacemaker his condition has stabilised for now. No appointments for 6 months is a massive luxury after the huge slog we’ve just gone through! Eventually they expect deterioration of James condition but more on the long term treatment plan to come… I’ve waffled on enough for now lol 
If you have any amount at all that you can spare it’d be greatly appreciated as without ongoing research the longterm prognosis for people like James won’t be improved! 

Blown away!

The support has been incredible and I’m already onto my 3rd goal - thank you! 
Now to share some of James’ heart story for those that don’t know…
I guess you could say it began when he was only 9 years old and sadly lost his mum to cardiac disease. Fast forward to April last year (2020)… James got something in his eye and attended A&E to get it removed. While there the nurse noticed his heart rate and rhythm were abnormal. James panicked at the time and came home without allowing investigations. We discussed it and a check up at the GP was booked. As soon as he had the ECG it was obvious he had some serious heart arrhythmias coupled with extreme bradycardia (low heart rate). An urgent referral was made to a cardiologist and this has lead to the past 18 months being full of docs apps, MRI, CT Scans, Echos, ECGs, monitoring, 2 ambulance trips, 4 heart procedure/surgeries and an appointment with a genetic specialist. We now know the ‘cause’ of the heart issues now and turns out James is a complex case with multiple issues. More on what is actually ‘wrong’ with James’ heart to come
if you suspect anything might be wrong - have dizzy spells, shortness of breath (James had no symptoms btw) or just want to get a heart check up then do it! It could just save your life. I firmly believe if James hadn’t gotten something in his eye then he wouldn’t be with us today 


A huge thank you to all of my sponsors for their support! I’ve already reached my first goal! Now let’s see how quickly I can smash the second one ;)
Everyone’s support has just been amazing, James and I are eternally grateful x

I’m doing my personal best for Australian hearts.

This October, I’ll be doing my personal best to raise funds for Australian hearts.  

I’m going to complete a marathon (42.2 kilometres) to raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research.  

I’ve signed up for MyMarathon because I want to show my support for the thousands of men and women living with heart disease in Australia. I want to do something to help.  

You can too!  

Join me in supporting Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page, right here and now.  

Together, we can win the race against heart disease. 

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Good luck Lauren, you have all our love and support xxx


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Good luck Lauren! You will smash this 💜


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All the best James and Lauren, a difficult time for you and your family, I admire your strength. Xx


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A great cause and your hubby is a great guy. All the best.


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Goodluck Lauren! ❤


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You got this! All the best x


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Best wishes with the 42km Lauren!!


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Good luck Lauren! And all the best James.


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