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Aidan, Tahli, Finn and I are running for Liam

Last year our lives were devastated when we lost our Liam to a heart attack while he was on a morning run. He was 43 years old. Liam was a wonderful husband and an incredible father and we miss him dearly. 

We are going to complete a marathon (42.2 kilometres) over the month of October to raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research. 

We aren’t going to break any records but we are going to do it together and do it for Liam. 

Join me in supporting Aussie hearts by making a donation to our page, right here and now.  

Love Kate, Aidan, Tahli and Finn xxx

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Whistler Crew..


Brent Szalay

Inspiring stuff team. I miss running with the great man, you are doing him proud ❤️


Sam Tarascio

What a great way to honor a fantastic person.


Grant Family

What a fantastic cause and we will be thinking of you on the day! ❤️


The Quarrell Family

What an incredible thing you are all doing; for the best man and for an incredible cause. Liam will be with you all, every pound of the pavement. We love you all xxx


Kara, Briggsy, Annabel, Jemima & Eliza

You are all amazing! Lots of love xxx


The Quinlan’s

So inspiring Kate…. Well done team! Smashing it 👊🏼


John And Olga Raff

So proud of you all! Love Nona and Pa


Paul, Anita, Will, Ivy, Paddy And Lexie. Xxx

Couldn’t be more fitting for Liam and his love of running…Couldn’t be more proud of you… look forward to joining you on some runs crew!! 🏃‍♀️ 👊


The Agar’s

You’re all amazing xx


Julie And Damien

You are all amazing, well done!! Xx



Thinking of you all, we know you’ll smash it!! Lots of love xx


Mclean Family

Excellent stuff legends. The mcleans are right behind you all xxxx


Mils, Woody + Boys

Go Kate, Aido, Tahls and Finn. So proud of you all! Look forward to sharing a few runs with you during this time. A beautiful way to pay tribute to Liam 🌈❤️


Sally Provan


Sara & Mick

You guys are going to smash it. Xxx


N Lordan

Go Kate, Aidan, Tahli & Finn! Well done guys. Lots of live from the Lordan’s


Fitzgibbon Family

Go team 👏 💪 love you all ❤️❤️❤️


Fraser Family X

What little champions! Go team Liam!


Sally Malady

Go Team Cummins! Love Sal, Jock & girls xx


Chris Gatacre


Christian & Kate Bartley

Congratulations Kate and family 👊🏽👊🏽


Georgina Palk

great work team xg


Kylie Nuske

Good on you Kate, what a great thing for you and the kids to do. Happy running.


The Butera's

Well done Kate, Aidan, Tahli and Finn!


Kim, Mark,darcy & Greta

Go Team Cummins! Amazing effort and the perfect tribute Liam.


Lia Neate



Leake Family

Well done to all of you, amazing effort ❤️


The Gronow’s

Supporting you all every step of the way. We know you’ll smash this. 💪🏼 🏃‍♀️ 💜


My Creative Box

Good luck beautiful family xx


Ceschino Pty Ltd

Be there with you in spirit Kate & kids! Liam will always continue to be an inspiration and live in our hearts forever. Much love Mans xx


Rita Atkins

Liam will be so very proud of you all and so I am love you guys ❤️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️


Emma, Mick, Izzy And Poppy

What a beautiful way to honour Liam! Go team Cummins! xo


Lisa Catania & Family

Lots of love to you all xx


Miller Family

What a fabulous way to honour Liam. Well done to you all xx


Rebecca Bridgeman

Love this guys, you are all amazing! xx


The Ainsworth’s

Go get ‘em team!


Nic Asher

All our love, for a great cause x


Biscan Family

Well done, we think you are amazing! Love the Biscans


Jono Lawless

Great work guys!


Sam Capogreco

Great cause, good luck!


Ginny Mcallister

Fantastic effort by all of you xx


Anthony Firth


Pip Interiors

Awesome work👏🏼 Liam would be proud🤍


Erin Cummins

Incredible strength and love. Liam is so proud of you all He is dearly missed



Well done you guys, Liam will be by your side. ! Love you all xxxx


Matt Mogan

What a great way to help an very important cause and pay tribute to one of the great blokes I’ve ever come across


Matthew Boyall

What a fabulous combined goal to honour Liam. So proud of you all 💜 Love the Boyall family


Leesa Ian Eliza & Aisha

Very proud of you all!!



What a team! Love loads to you all.


Condon Family

Amazing effort and amazing cause Kate. We can’t wait to see you all in a few months. As we keep on swimming, you guys keen on running. Go Team!!!


Catherine Anderson

All the best xx


Mcintosh Family

Go for it guys- you will do Liam proud!


Ben Hall


Douglas Family

Way to go guys!!


Jasmine Condon

Fabulous effort by you guys. Liam would be so proud. Sending lots of love to you all ❤️



You always were and always will be a shining star


Sarah Morton

Good luck Kate, Aidan, Tahli & Finn! xx


Sarah, Bella And Family Xxx

Awesome effort! We'll be your cheer squad any day! X


Meaghan Lavelle

Great effort. Will be thinking of you all Xx


Rachael Middleton.


Melanie And Robin Neaves

You are an actual superstar.


Lara Servin

Inspirational so much love ❤️


Dani Provest

Big Love to you & the kids xxx


Em White

Best of luck crew.. x


Emily Dos Santos


Sandra Perrett-jones


Rachel Feldman And Family Xo

Well done everyone xo xo


Jessie B

Onya kate, awesome idea!! Hope you and the kids enjoy the runs together xx


Melinda Corcoran

You're an inspiration Kate. I'm sure you will all smash this xxx


Kim Janes


Lauren Malavazos

I'm so deeply sorry for your loss of what seemed like a wonderful husband/father and brother to Erin. I hope you reach your target.


Mary Mann

You guys are inspiring. Thinking of you all. xx

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