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I’m doing my personal best for Australian hearts, in support of Mads.

This October, I’ll be doing my personal best to raise funds for Australian hearts, supporting my friend Maddie.  

Last year, Mads was diagnosed with Premature Ventricular Contractions (PVC), an abnormal heartbeat, which led to her being unable to play footy or complete anything that caused strain on her heart, leading to her undergoing cardio ablation surgery. This October marks one year since Maddie's surgery, and she is back stronger than ever.

In support of Mads and all the men and women impacted by heart disease, I am going to be completing a marathon a week, 168.8kms over the month of October!

Please help me in raising funds an awareness for heart disease this October, to help win the race against heart disease.

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Go Hannah!!


Caroline Smith


Natalie Boyes


Kate Colrain

Great job Hannah, best of luck!


Pete Nugent

Eat it up, H-Bomb!


David William Bywater


Lou Powley

Awesome job. Great cause. ❤️


Jake Powley

Well done Hanny! Proud x


Jasmina Frawley


Sam Benson


Danuta Kershaw

Go gorgeous Hannah!!!!!


Logan Stevens


Erin O’donohue

ily xoxo


Brian Wallis

I hope this helps you reach your goal. Good luck





Matt Harrow

Good Stuff Han!!


Emmy Wilson

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