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A Big Thank You

Thank you to all my friends and family for kindly donating and helping me raise money for the Heart Foundation.
This is  literally Close to my heart 😊the work they do  is helping save so many people. Overwhelmed with your support and fortunate to be here to help ❤️

Support my challenge for Australian hearts

This October, I’ll be doing my personal best to raise funds to support The Heart Foundation.  

I’m going to conquer 84 km to raise funds for heart disease research that will help save lives.

Heart disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, and I want to do something to support the thousands of Aussies whose lives are impacted by this disease every single day.

Join me and help save Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page.

Together, we can win the race against heart disease.

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Rohini Nagaretnam

“Hearts live by being wounded.” Oscar Wilde





You’re awesome & a beacon to all that nothing is impossible when your heart is in it!


Elaine Hendrick

We're right behind you, Christine. Every step of the way!


Sheila And Miguel

Wishing you the very best, Chris ! Love, Sheila and Miguel


Andrew Kotlar

Congratulations Crissy! You can do anything you put your mind to. Thank you for being an inspiration to others.


Kathryn Rosenberg


Marjorie Tomlin

Good luck Cris I remember well the long day you spent in C.C.


Cristina Porral


Chris And Jennifer Troy

Go Cristina!


Keshan Krishnasarma

This is a great thing you are doing christina in spite of your struggle. I am a blood donor. This is one of the reasons I became a blood donar. I give plasma,platelets and whole blood once in 2 weeks and every 3 months for the whole blood since 1995. All the best God bless you. Stay strong.



You go girl!


Colin Nicholls


Maria Punales

Well done Cris!




Carolyn Tainsh

Good luck Cris. Great effort.


Melinda Talbot

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