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Thursday 24th Sep
This is our planned pathway over the back roads south of Yarrawonga. Lovely scenery of paddocks of crops, cows and canola!

A Grateful Heart

Wednesday 16th Sep

Hello Friends,

After personally experiencing heart problems resulting in operations over the last 12 months starting with a Pulmonary Ablation, followed by 6 Bypasses and a Maze, I now consider myself to be very blessed to have been given a second chance at life.

Sadly, for many people heart problems and issues end up being fatal. In fact, this is the BIGGEST cause of death in Australia.

- On average 1 person dies of heart disease every 19 minutes.

- Twenty die each day due to heart attack.

Knowing this, my family and I signed up for the My Marathon event in October because we wanted to increase the awareness of this problem and show our support to the thousands of Australians living with heart disease.

All donations will help raise vital funds to support heart disease research which will make a real difference to many people's lives.

Please join us in supporting this event by making a donation to our page right here and NOW.

Our aim is high, but when it comes to things like this, every donation helps. 

All donations of any amount will make a difference and will be greatly appreciated.

Together, we can win the race against heart disease.

Thank you,

Gary, Dianne, Ellie and Natalie

Very Grateful - Thank you very much.

Friday 4th Sep
We would really like to thank the Anonymous person for their generous donation for official kicking off our fund raising goal.

Every donation will be greatly appreciated regardless of the amount. 

If it's within your heart and you able to help us to support the Heart Foundation please do so. 

Thank you.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Dennis Cheal

Go for it, team Maccas. What a practical way to acknowledge the wonderful care you received, Gary. God speed!!


Terry Hargreaves

Great work team!!


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Proudly Supporting the Heart Foundation


Gary Mcnamara


Maureen Titcumb



Go for it..


Lois & Stephen

Go Macca(s)


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Proudly Supporting The Maccas


Heather Goodall

you all have wonderful ❤️ ❤️ (hearts) full of 🧡🧡🧡 (love)


Heather Gillespie

Proudly supporting the Heart Foundation, I have got you covered :)


Belinda And Leonard Rosee


Viv & Ken Harris

What a wonderful thing to do. Best wishes.


Michelle Adam Mak Coop & Lexi Clark

Well Done Team Macca’s


Carolyn Gray

Good luck with the marathon! Best wishes Carolyn