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I’m doing my personal best for Australian hearts.

This year, I’ve signed up for the Heart Foundation’s MyMarathon challenge. I’m going to complete a marathon during the month of October and help raise funds for lifesaving heart disease research as I go.

I’ve signed up for MyMarathon because I want to show my support for the thousands of Australians living with heart disease. The donations I receive will help fund lifesaving heart disease research that makes a real difference to people’s lives.

But I can’t do it alone. Please join me in supporting Aussie hearts by making a donation to my page, right here and now.

Together, we can win the race against heart disease.

Thank you to my Sponsors


Andrew Hargreaves



Good on you Meg!


Don And Barbara Hargreaves

Good on you Meg






Catherine Morton

Good luck on your run, it’s an amazing effort 💗



You’re doing amazing! I have so much faith in you and I love you, keep pushing through! I know you can do it!


Tracey Batten


Claire Roder

Good luck my dude go smash it 💕 your doing a great thing


Campbell Linn

Good luck Meggo!!




Harrison Hooper

Good luck, I really respect how much you do work for charity, when the world is so bleak and we are all consumed in our own problems.