What is MyMarathon?

MyMarathon challenges you to complete 42.2 kilometres in October. Whether it takes you 4 hours, 4 days or 4 weeks, you can get out there as much as you need to to clock up your kilometres over the month

Is there any guidance you have to help me get started?

A good way to start is by getting out there to see how far you can go. You can then work on building this up as the month progresses. Our Get Ready section on our website is filled with lots of tips to get you started. Get your fundraising page up and running with tips from the Help Centre.

Do I have to run? Can I walk?

We advise you to do whatever is within your ability but is still challenging. If you don’t feel able to run 42.2 kilometres in October, you can walk it. If you’re a wheelchair user you can still complete 42.2 kilometres in a way that is a challenge for you. Making sure it is enough of a challenge means people will be more likely to sponsor you.

Is there a registration fee?

Signing-up to MyMarathon is free! But we do encourage everyone to raise as much as they can for the Heart Foundation’s life saving research work.

What's the date of the event?

The challenge is from the 1 October to the 31 October, or however long it takes you from the 1 October to complete your 42.2 kilometres. But you can of course start fundraising as soon as you want to!

Can I only do MyMarathon in October?

We are encouraging people to take part in MyMarathon in October as there will lots of tips and support on-hand and you’ll also be eligible for the fundraising prize incentives. If you are not able to complete it in October then we are happy for you to do your 42.2 kilometres in a different month, as long as you sign-up and fundraise. You could also try and run more than 42.2 kilometres if you like!

Where is MyMarathon?

You can choose to complete your marathon kilometres wherever you like. Whether it’s in the park, in the gym, or on the streets with your friends by your side. You decide the pace and you decide the place. Find out more here.

Is there a fundraising kit?

There isn’t a pack posted out but you can access lots of freebie downloads, tips and advice from the MyMarathon website. Fundraising ideas can be found here, downloadable posters and emails here, and our social media toolkit can be found here. And if you want to get inspired check out #MyMarathonAU. Don’t forget to ‘like’ the dedicated MyMarathonAU Facebook page too.

What is everydayhero and how do I use it?

Everydayhero is an online fundraising platform which you can use to collect your donations. Your fundraising page will be set up automatically when you sign up for MyMarathon. You can access your page here and by entering the log in details you supplied when you signed up. You can share your page with friends and family to encourage them to donate to you.

For help with setting up your fundraising page click here.

How do I get help with my everydayhero fundraising page?

If you need help using your fundraising page, making a donation, or anything else Everydayhero related, their dedicated support team can help you out- just send an email to help@everydayhero.com.au

Want an answer faster? You can check out everything you need to know by visiting the Everydayhero Help Centre! Not only does this help with all the technical kinds of things, it’s also got lots of tried and tested tips to help give your fundraising an extra push.

For all event related questions please contact mymarathon@heartfoundation.org.au

How will you know when I’ve finished MyMarathon?

If you have been using MapMyFitness, Strava or Fitbit whilst completing your kilometres we’ll have a running total and will automatically know once you’ve finished. Or you can manually update your fundraising page yourself. Find out how to do both here. Alternatively, let us know by emailing us at mymarathon@heartfoundation.org.au.

What is MapMyFitness and how do I use it?

MapMyFitness is a training app which tracks and records your distance. Everydayhero is partnered with MapMyFitness which means you can link your fundraising page to MapMyFitness and your page will then be updated every time you complete a run. That way your donors can see how you’re getting on. Fundraisers who use this feature raise an average 46% more! For more help visit here.

What is Strava and how do I use it?

Strava is a training app which tracks and records your distance. Everydayhero is partnered with Strava which means you can link your fundraising page to Strava and your page will then be updated every time you complete a run. That way your donors can see how you’re getting on. Fundraisers who use this feature raise an average 46% more! For more help visit here.

What happens if I only use the fitness app to track some of my kilometres and forget to use it for some?

Any of the kilometres you complete using your fitness app we will know about (if it is linked to your fundraising page). You just need to let us know about the rest of them by manually updating your fundraising page. Just remember – don’t manually log any kilometres that you’ve used a fitness app to track – we will already have those logged. Please note: your kilometres won’t tally on your page until October 1, once the challenge begins.

Do you have anything to help me with my fundraising?

The Fundraising section on our website has lots of tools to help you raise money for our life saving heart research.

How do I pay in my money?

Ask people to donate directly to your fundraising page as that way the money will come to the Heart Foundation automatically. Easy peasy.

If you’ve collected cash then you can pay in the money yourself (using a credit or debit card) to your fundraising page.

Why isn’t the run total on my fundraising page updating with the kilometres I have completed?

Kilometres won’t tally until October 1 (once the challenge begins). Badges related to distance will also not be rewarded until the month of October. Leading up to MyMarathon we do encourage everyone to start logging their Km's so family and friends know that you are practising and getting ready for October.

What if I am a Heart Foundation Walking member?

We would love you to take part in My Marathon! You could take part in My Marathon as an individual walker or you could encourage your group to do the challenge as a team.

You’ll need to register on the MyMarathon website, and as you do your weekly walks with your group or solo walks, you’ll need to count your kilometres. For information on how to log Km's visit


What if someone overseas wants to donate?

The donation will be processed in local currency and the donor's financial institution will make the currency adjustment when the transaction is debited to their bank account. More information on donating can be found here: making a donation