What is MyMarathon?
Is there any guidance you have to help me get started?
Do I have to run? Can I walk?
Is there a registration fee?
What's the date of the event?
Can I only do MyMarathon in October?
Where is MyMarathon?
Is there a fundraising kit?
What is everydayhero and how do I use it?
How do I get help with my everydayhero fundraising page?
How will you know when I’ve finished MyMarathon?
What is MapMyFitness and how do I use it?
What is Strava and how do I use it?
What happens if I only use the fitness app to track some of my kilometres and forget to use it for some?
Do you have anything to help me with my fundraising?
How do I pay in my money?
Why isn’t the run total on my fundraising page updating with the kilometres I have completed?
What if I am a Heart Foundation Walking member?
What if someone overseas wants to donate?