About McColl's Transport

McColl’s Transport is the country’s largest independent carrier of dairy, food and consumer and industrial chemicals. At McColl’s we believe your health is essential to living a happy lifestyle and we are committed to the wellbeing of our employees so that they can live a balanced and active life.

One of the most serious illnesses affecting truck drivers is heart disease. Lifestyle factors such as stress, inactivity and unhealthy food choices increase the risk of heart disease so we want to support our staff in creating a change in their lives and promote awareness across the transport industry.

We are participating in The Heart foundation’s MyMarathon challenge to encourage our staff to start moving, set some personal fitness goals and raise money to support the fight against heart disease.

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Whether you’re a Facebook poster, a Tweeter, an Instagrammer or all three, our social pics and posts are the perfect way to tell everyone about your challenge. Don’t forget to share the link to your fundraising page and #MyMarathonAU.