Motivation tips

If you’re a keen runner, or fancy a bit of long-distance running, you’ll know that your efforts can be hampered by your mental fitness.  

Too many athletes spend months preparing for an event only to ‘blow up’ partway through. It’s heartbreaking! So, here are ways to stay motivated while progressing towards your goal.  

Take time out 

The last thing you need while running is an overloaded brain. Take time to switch off. There are dozens of free and paid apps you can use, but Beyond Blue has some great relaxation exercises you can use.  

Switch off and let go! 

Don’t let nervous energy deplete your mental and physical resources. When nervous you’re likely to tense muscles such as your jaw, neck and shoulders. This can affect your breathing and use energy that would be better conserved for the muscles you need to run!  

Exerting yourself physically and mentally is very taxing on your body. Humans are terrible multitaskers! So, don’t waste your mental energy! Enjoy the atmosphere as you run and take in the sights. You’ll not only conserve energy, it will relax your breathing too.

Break it up

Plan your run and consider breaking it up into chunks. If you’re just focusing on the next few kilometers things will feel a lot easier. Also consider the terrain and break the tougher parts of your run into smaller segments. 


Get in the mood

Crack out that playlist and use music as motivation. A good beat can lift your mood! Something upbeat is great for when you need to attack a hill and something more chill is required when winding down. But stay aware of your environment while enjoying your tunes -  Keep your head up and be safe.